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All emotions have a purpose, even anxiety. It helps us get ready to fight or fly away from danger. But our dangers these days aren’t always about running away from lions or fighting off bears. When we feel too much anxiety (i.e., it stops helping us survive and instead keeps us from thriving), anxiety can feel like a foe. Our anxiety can build from a traumatic event, work, school, our relationships, daily chores, and other sources. Healing from trauma and other places that cause anxiety may feel like a rough journey. And if you’re a person who holds one or more marginalized identities, there can be even more anxiety as you try to navigate your world. 

At Cultured Space, our therapists know more than a few things about anxiety, anxiety treatment, and how to help you grow.

Anxiety and its impact

For a lot of us, it can be in the form of a fast heart rate or sweaty palms. Over time you might feel headaches, stomach aches, or chest pains. You might lose confidence in yourself. The you thoughts can be overwhelming because we’re constantly thinking about what could go wrong, how we can prevent it, and what we might do if we can’t. Our behaviors could change, too. We might repeat procedures over and over again to be sure we didn’t miss anything or try to get work done way ahead of schedule. And when anxiety gets really overwhelming, we might freeze and stop working all together just because things feel like they’re too much.


If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, you might be experiencing anxiety. For some people, it’s not noticeable or recognized as anxiety until we take our symptoms to medical doctors. Seeking support can feel like a long, difficult process.

That's when Cultured Space therapists come in!

The importance of treatment

If your anxiety starts getting in the way of how you want to function in your life, then it’s important to consider getting extra support. Treatment can help you engage with the things that used to make you anxious by giving you coping skills that you can use in any situation. Cultured Space therapists will work collaboratively with you to challenge the anxiety that is holding you back. They will also empower you to engage in activities that feel less constricted by fear and worry for the future. When anxiety feels like it is controlling your life, collaborative treatment with a therapist can help you retake the wheel and live the way you want to live. All of this is done in a space that is safe for you to explore all of the parts that make you, you. Grow your confidence, your self-esteem, your self-compassion, and self-care skills!

How we can help

At Cultured Space, our therapists have been helping people in New York and New Jersey with depression through innovative and effective therapeutic services that target it at the psychological source. If you feel like you are too overwhelmed to do the things you need or want in your life, our therapists can meet with you virtually to help get you on your feet again to rediscover the zest of life. Anxiety treatment with Cultured Space means our therapists work collaboratively with you to understand if what you’re experiencing is everyday anxiety or something that might need more support. At Cultured Space, you will have a safe, compassionate, empowering exploration of your story while they collaborate with you to treat your anxiety with culturally-informed methods. 


What’s different, though, is that we don’t just look at the symptoms; we look at everything that matters to you.

How we're different

At Cultured Space, our therapists aren’t just aware of the life obligations that impact your anxiety. We are also aware of how your identities, whether they be privileged or marginalized, visible or invisible, may be shaping your experience. These are the parts of your healing journey that we acknowledge and honor because all parts of you are welcome here. While general messages about and symptoms of anxiety may feel similar and resonate with you, some of them won’t because of the ways in which our cultures and communities have raised us to be. At Cultured Space, we want to explore those things with you so that we can create a treatment plan that is individualized, considerate, and beneficial for you.

What we believe

Your mental health matters. Period. We know that it is closely tied to your physical health, spiritual health, relational health, and others. We know that the identities you hold are woven into each facet of your well-being. We also know that accessing services can be challenging. This is why we provide you with telehealth and online therapy services that you can use from the comfort of your own home. Our goal is to make quality mental health care accessible so that you can get help for your anxiety. We will support you as you live flexibly and joyfully, free from the fear, doubts, and worries that come with anxiety.


We can help you take more control in your life.

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Cultured Space developed a free guide to help you learn more about how to manage your anxiety. Learn a bit more about what's going on in your brain and how to ease into more control. 

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