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How does teletherapy or telehealth work?

Teletherapy, or telehealth, is any therapeutic service that takes place through a virtual platform. Here with us at Cultured Space, we use HIPAA-compliant platforms for you to video chat live with your therapist. Prior to your scheduled session, you will receive a personalized link for you to enter the video chat room with your therapist where you will be able to have your session just like you would in person! With a strong WiFi connection and a space where you feel comfortable, therapy can take place at your convenience

What do I need for telehealth or teletherapy?

Because telehealth or teletherapy all take place virtually, it's important for all of our clients to have access to a strong WiFi connection. This will ensure that all of what's said between you and your therapist isn't missed and that your sessions can focus on your therapeutic work and not on avoiding dropped calls. It's also important that you have access to a space where you feel comfortable and are without distractions, preferably somewhere that it's quiet or even a time of day when you know you can relax and talk freely!

What is the importance of a culturally-informed therapist?

Each of us has a cultural identity that we may feel is important. You may belong to the LGBTQIA+ community, the BIPOC community, the disabled community, the fat community, or others. Having a therapist who understands the unique issues that comes with each community, and even how these intersecting cultural identities may interact, can help clients feel honored, respected, and safe. In therapy, it's important that you feel understood and comfortable, and our therapists can ensure this for you while you work on your therapeutic goals.

How do I know when I've found the right therapist for me?

Most of us are able to tell when we feel like we've found a good match with someone. The same way this is true about friendships or partnerships, the therapeutic relationship is one where you get to choose whether you want to stick around in it or not. And like any relationship, it takes time to form. Some believe you can tell on the first session whether there is a good fit, and for others, it may take three or four sessions before you feel like it's just right. There are a few questions you can ask yourself as you are on the lookout for a good therapeutic fit: Do I feel comfortable talking to this person? Do I feel like this person understands me? Do I feel like this person can provide me with what I need to reach my goals?

How is telehealth or teletherapy different from in-person therapy?

Telehealth or teletherapy are therapeutic services that are provided through virtual means. It's common to have telehealth or teletherapy via videochatting with your therapist or even through phone calls. It differs in that rather than walking into your therapist's office, you'll be sent a link that you can click on your computer or a phone number for you to call when you both agree to have your appointment. Also, some of the paperwork prior to starting may have a few items about how some office or ethical policies might change with teletherapy. The biggest difference, though, is that you won't be in the same physical space as your therapist! Despite these differences, it's very similar to in-person therapy in that you'll still be given all of the paperwork that you would have to fill out in person. You'll also still get your allotted time slot when you are supposed to meet with your therapist and hold session. There's a lot of research to suggest that teletherapy is just as effective, if not more than, in-person therapy. Our therapists are highly flexible and can ensure that you are still getting the care that you need and that our practice transitions smoothly from in-person means to virtual!

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, as out-of-network providers. We can verify your insurance to determine what your co-insurance would cost. Set up a quick consultation here to find out more.

How much do your services cost?

Out-of-pocket fees cost between $175 and $300 per session.

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