How to Deepen Intimacy With Your Partner

Updated: Jun 15


Intimacy is important in any relationship. It can help us feel closer to our partners and make us feel more connected. However, intimacy can sometimes be difficult to maintain, especially if we have been together for a long time. In this blog post, we will discuss some ways that you can deepen your intimacy with your partner and strengthen your relationship!

Intimacy can take many different forms in relationships. It can be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. It is important to remember that all forms of intimacy are important and necessary for a healthy relationship! One way to deepen your intimacy with your partner is to spend more time together. This can be difficult if you both have busy schedules, but it is important to make time for each other. You can also try doing new things together or revisiting old interests. This will help you learn more about each other and create new shared experiences.


Another way to deepen your intimacy with your partner is to spend more time talking. This can be difficult if you have been together for a long time and feel like you already know everything about each other. However, it is important to keep the lines of communication open and to continue learning about each other. You may be surprised at how much you still have to learn!

Along with keeping the line of communication open, it is important to ask about your partner's needs. This can be a difficult conversation to have, but it is important to make sure that you are meeting each other's needs. If you are ever confused or unsure about what your partner needs, ask them. They will likely appreciate the effort and feel more connected to you as a result. It is best to avoid trying to be a mind reader. Try to avoid making your own assumptions about what your partner needs. Mind reading can lead to misunderstandings and can cause tension in the relationship. It is also important to advocate for your own needs. Avoid walking on eggshells with your partner and facilitate an open dialogue to discuss your wants and needs in the relationship. Asking for what you need can help curb potential resentment in the future.

Don't be afraid to ask for reassurance. We all need reassurance from our partners from time to time. It can be difficult to ask for reassurance, but it is important to remember that our partners want to make us feel loved and secure. They are likely more than happy to provide the reassurance that we need.

Don't be afraid to ask for clarification from your partner. Avoid ruminating in doubt or feeling insecure. If you feel like you need clarification about something, ask your partner. They will likely appreciate the effort and be more than happy to provide the clarification that you need.


Arguments are inevitable in relationships, but they don't have to be a bad thing. Arguments can actually help us deepen our intimacy with our partners. It is important to remember that we are not always going to agree with each other, but it is important to respect each other's opinions. During an argument, try to focus on understanding your partner's point of view. Aim to argue to learn something new. Avoid trying to argue to defend what you know. During arguments, it is easy to dive straight into criticism. However, we should avoid criticizing our partners and instead we can ask them if they are open to feedback. This will help the conversation to be more productive and will help you both to understand each other better.

Additionally, we want to stay curious about our behavior and avoid trying to justify our behavior that may be hurtful. Instead of trying to justify our anger or resentment, we want to explore the emotions and figure out what is really going on. When we can be curious about our emotions, it allows us to move through them more quickly and get back to a place of intimacy with our partner.


Finally, stay faithful to small commitments and avoid over-promising. It is important to be honest with our partners and ourselves. If we over-promise, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. It is better to under-promise and over-deliver. When we make small commitments and follow through on them, it builds trust and intimacy in the relationship.

Making an effort to deepen our intimacy with our partner can be difficult, but it is worth it. By keeping the lines of communication open, asking about each other's needs, and staying curious about our emotions, we can build a stronger, more intimate relationship. Check out the intimacy checklist below and consider incorporating it into your weekly planner!

If you are struggling with deepening intimacy with your partner our Cultured Space therapists are here to help you whenever you are ready!