Online Therapy at Cultured Space

COVID-19 has led to a number of life changes. Whether it be work, school, or even our homes, our day-to-day lives have drastically changed from the routines we had two years ago. Change can lead to psychological distress, so it is no wonder the world is asking this question more often: What about my mental health?

Pre-pandemic, the search for a therapist was about web searching and driving to a therapist’s office. Nowadays, the opportunities to access mental health care have expanded. You have more opportunities to get help when you’re struggling. The most widespread and accessible way is through online therapy!

Online therapy (also telehealth, teletherapy, or virtual therapy) allows you to connect with your therapist via video chat or phone call to receive the support you need. As the world has eased into comfort with a work-from-home format for greater access to care, it was only natural that mental health do the same. With telehealth sessions, clients can access their therapist and schedule their appointments from the comfort of their chosen space. All you will need is a quiet place, a strong wifi connection, and a device with a microphone and/or camera to communicate with your therapist.

You can find the right therapist for you.

Online therapy means you don’t have to go through the physical “shopping” of therapists. You don’t have to make the drives to different parts of town, or even cities, to access help that feels right for you. With the physical barrier aside, telehealth increases the access to care you deserve. As long as you live in a state where the therapist you want to work with is located, telehealth allows you to connect with them and start your journey of healing anytime.

Telehealth minimizes many of the barriers we didn’t realize greatly impacted our access to care. With virtual support, you can save time on the commute, reduce your spending or burden on finding transportation, and be in a space of your choosing all while keeping you and your loved ones safe from potential infection. Of course, the benefits and costs will vary from one individual to another. Regardless, we are glad you’re here on your search and journey.

What does therapy with Cultured Space look like?

With Cultured Space, not only can you expect accessible mental health care, but you can also look forward to meeting with therapists who will honor all of your identities. BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and other identities that clients may hold dear are welcome here. Each of our clinicians is dedicated to creating a safe space to advocate for you while you embark on your mental health journey.

We have each seen and experienced what a non-affirming, discriminatory, and toxic environment can do to an individual, even in the field of mental health. The impact is even greater when a person holds multiple oppressed identities. Our mission at Cultured Space is to create a therapeutic and affirming place for you and your healing. We work to empower you, help you find and realize your strengths, and experience the freedom of prioritizing your mental health even when different parts of our society may challenge us to do otherwise.

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